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The driving force throughout Michael Birch's life was his need to express his creative talents. He was a Painter, Potter and Writer, but he is most renowned for his superbly carved sculptures.
He created an amazing array of miniature sculptures originally inspired by the myths and legends traditionally found in Japanese netsuke. However, as a contemporary artist Michael Birch developed his own distinctive style and produced seductive works of great imaginative strength and power.
Precisely carved and beautifully finished in natural materials he collected from around the world, he was often influenced by the natural patterns he found in materials as diverse as hippo tooth, mammoth tusk, stag antler, exotic woods or rare amber.
Michael Birch’s great skill as a craftsman is displayed as his carvings move from deceptively simple and elegant abstractions to highly detailed representations. They make an evocative impression on the viewer, whether they inspire a sense of mystery, beauty, sensuality or humour.Sought after by major collectors and museums around the world, Michael's carvings are represented in most major collections in the USA, Europe and Japan.
This book gives an overall survey of a multi-talented creative artist, taking an unusual approach to illuminate the motivation behind his design and carving of netsuke. Extensive use is made of the artist's comments and letters to collectors as well as quotations from fellow artists, major collectors and connoisseurs.
Over 150 pieces have been specially photographed for a new book, The Art & Life of Michael Birch, to show the intricate detail and subtle beauty of Michael Birch's carving.

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