Michael Birch

In World War II he played the organ for pin money in a house of ill repute in Cairo, played piano in a jam session with members of the Glenn Miller Band and served in the United States Army Air Force. After the war he was a tap dancing chorus boy in London. He sold a sculpture to Henry Moore in Camberwell, threw pots for Picasso in Vallauris, decorated pots with Shoji Hamada in Japan, drank with Dylan Thomas, played charades with Michael Wilding and Elizabeth Taylor and went deep-sea diving with Jacques Cousteau.
He married in 1948 and after a variety of jobs began to design innovative spectacle frames.
With a starting capital of only £15 he went on to found an international group of successful companies. After fifteen years he retired from the business world. He became a professional carver of netsuke and held his first one man show at the Eskenazi Gallery in London in 1976 and was designated a Master Carver by the Japanese artists' guild. His carvings are now included in virtually every important collection. He also wrote, produced and published seven books. in the workshop
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